Custom Design Wreaths

Designing is my true passion. I create a collection every season but know that every home, every style has its own unique look. 

Do you have a certain color scheme or idea that you are hoping to bring to life? I am happy to bring you demo ideas and tweak them until they are exactly what you are thinking. I have done custom designs for double doors, mantle tops, with additions of monograms, signs and more!

Centerpieces and Floral Boxes

Adding florals to a home creates color, texture and life to any space. From small centerpieces to table runners- these are perfect gifts, perfect welcoming moments to any holiday meal table or coffee table and more. I work with wooden boxes, watering cans, wheelbarrows and anything else that I can find to fill with florals! 

IMG_0323 2

Swags and Garlands


I have created custom swags for over doors, on tables, mantles and even for in wedding venues such as the garland you see here.. If you are looking for a special display of florals in a swag, message me! I am happy to share my brainstorming ideas so we come up with the perfect design for your occasion.

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